Reverse Tar Pit Show flyer

Reverse Tar Pit: Sludge Room

March 1-3 2024, NYC

At Brooklyn Neighborhood Arts: 540 President St

Free RSVP:

I'm going to the tar pit

The latest in a continuing series of experiments in activating physical space with online art, Reverse Tar Pit first bubbled up for a hybrid in-person opening reception x online exhibition at ONX Onassis Studio. Like any good zombie that won’t stay down, RTP returns with three days of programming including audio/sound performances, video screenings artist book readings, a closing reception, and hacked robot karaoke to explore the breadth of the work included within the online exhibition.

Featuring hybrid digital art by Indira Ardolic, Delta_Ark, Itziar Barrio, Christopher Clary, Eva Davidova, Varkito Garcia, Don Hanson, Benny Lichtner, Kristin Lucas, Joe McKay, Cezar Mocan, Patrick O'Shea, Mark Ramos, Sarah Rothberg, Kat Sung, Jeremiah Teipen, Lee Tusman, Sammie Veeler and Rosalie Yu.

Curated by Mark Ramos and Don Hanson. Produced by New Art City in collaboration with Brooklyn Art Cluster and The Wrong Biennale.

Friday March 1st 6-9PM

Exhibition opening & Live Music curated by Lee Tusman

Electronic feral sounds, featuring laptops, homemade instruments, livecoding, synth, singing, and "an electric wooden experimental musical instrument of the friction idiophones category."

Featuring performances by
elekhlekha, Daniel Fishkin, Saltzshaker, ExquisiteCorp, Amelia Marzec, Rebecca Hui, Casual Salad and Windy.500

Saturday March 2nd

Open Gallery Hours: 12-4pm

Readings by Christopher Clary: 4pm

Screening & Talk by Itziar Barrio: 5pm

Reception & Robot Karaoke 6-8PM

Sunday March 3rd

Synthetic Tar Giveaway

Open Gallery Hours: 12-4pm

Workshop by Patrick O'Shea: 12pm

Workshop by Rosalie Yu: 1pm